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We are creating a genuinely effective, dynamic and results-driven GovTech Cluster for Scotland and need an ambitious, forward-thinking company to take the role of Cluster Driver Organisation and drive this over the next 4 years.

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GovTech is a new initiative to support technical innovation in Scotland and beyond. The GovTech cluster will be a network where companies, academic institutions, Centres of Excellence, the third sector, public sector organisations and government can connect, innovate, exchange knowledge, and build lasting business relationships, to take advantage of the rapidly expanding worldwide GovTech market – which Scotland is regarded as a leading nation, with world firsts in the Scotland Innovates and CivTech initiatives.


The result is a virtuous circle where investment grows, companies grow and prosper to create more economic benefit, and so drive ever greater investment. 


As the GovTech cluster driver, your company will develop and identify the vision, mission, strategic objectives and success criteria in partnership with CTS and then implement and successfully deliver on the operational plan.


This will be a 4-year contract with a provisional start date of 1st March 2023 and has a total value of up to £800k inclusive of VAT. It is anticipated that there will be annual performance break points.


The application process closes on 31st January 2023.


If you would like the opportunity to tender, please firstly register your interest by email to:

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